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Useful Links and Web Sites

Federal & State Tax Forms, The Electronic Accountant, and Professional Tax Insitutes

To view and print tax forms you need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer that will read files in the PDF format. Click here to download Adobe Acrobat Reader Free!

Federal Tax Forms
You may review and download most of the federal government tax forms. The site is maintained by the Internal Revenue Service.

The Electronic Accountant
A very useful accounting and tax site for accountants. The site is maintained by Faulkner and Gray, Inc.

Tax History Project
View many aspects of tax history as well as review our president's tax returns.

Professional Tax Institutes, Inc.
A very useful accounting and tax site for accountants. The site is maintained by Professional Tax Institutes, Inc.

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Social Security
Social Security Online
Social Security Statement
Social Security Benefit Calculators

Virus Protection
Norton Anti-Virus

USA Today Orlando Sentinel
New York Times Des Moines Register
Wall Street Journal Charlotte Observer

Accounting Organizations

Stock Research / Financial
Money Wall Street Journal
Kiplinger Forbes
Consumer Price Index Morningstar
Yahoo Business Wee
SmartMoney Dun & Bradstreet
MSN/CNBC Wall Street City

Tax Research
BNA Tax Management RIA
Kleinrock Tax Analysts
American Council on Gift Annuities  

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